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Meet Sonia


I am Sonia and I’m super excited to meet you and thanks for visiting my online home!

I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach and I’ve always been super passionate about eating and living simple and healthy. I love to coach and teach women how to live their best life possible. I understand that we women are always busy and overwhelmed and our health journey shouldn’t be even more overwhelming. My mission is to design simple but very effective training sessions and nutrition plans that easily fit into my client’s life, are sustainable, easy to implement and enjoyable.

I don’t believe in extreme diets or deprivation, nor in short-term goals. Personally, I love to keep everything as simple and science-based as possible, reason why I will never ask you to ban all your favorite foods, count your calories or to spend hours in the gym. We are all busy women and I understand and respect that. Your health journey shouldn’t add more stress into your life, it should the exactly the opposite: help you cope better with stress, learn how to eat healthily, have more energy, take care of yourself while you’re loving the process!

Exercise and eating should be an enjoyable part of life, I want women to embrace it! Let me show you how!

My certifications

 BA in Physical Education

 CrossFit Level 1

 CrossFit Kids

 CrossFit Movement & Mobility


Nutrition Coach certified by Precision Nutrition

Stretch Therapy and Monkey Gym

 National Strength and Conditioning Coach, NSCA

 First Aid

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I HATE EXERCISING!!!  Who really does? Life is always best after the workout…riiiight?

You KNOW what I’m saying…I trudge into my gym, wallow through the workout and bounce out, ready for anything! I would be happy with just the last bit! I mean, I get that it needs to be done. Still wonder, though, why hasn’t some Apple genius come up with an app to get someone else to do the sweat and we get the ass-ette!

Sure, I like wearing ‘workout’ clothes and going for a walk, speeding up whenever I see someone sitting on a bench.  I tried running… the only time I get any cardio is if I run at night, in a dark alley…the fear of getting murdered really puts a spring in my step!

My fave part of a routine is the rests between sets! Always too short! And don’t love it when the trainer says “Let’s do 20 more…and she just watches! I think, what about 10 each?” My favorite exercises are anything lying down. Situps are the best…they have the most lying down parts! If you want the truth, my MOST fave exercise during class would be the diddley squat! Though, I admit, the interminable squats have really improved my ‘twerking’ moves!

So, what I am saying is…someone like me needs a really good trainer to get me motivated, actually to just finish the workout. Sonia is that person! She has found that perfect balance between TOUGH (Don’t stop…10 more!!!!) and compassionate and funny.(tell me what hurts, we’ll fix it) And she gets my jokes…ha! Most importantly, Sonia knows the body and how to make it look and feel better. She is hands-on and can locate exactly the source of a muscle sprain and work to alleviate the pain. Sonia has the ability to help you find a way to enjoy your workout…even just a little bit (for people like me!). She is professional but fun, has an extensive knowledge of and ability to set up individualized exercise programs with goal setting and diet recommendations. I love her enthusiastic commitment. She is never boring and is always taking courses to keep ahead of the game, curve, pack! I like that. Well, I must…I have been seeing her for about 20 years now! And, I feel great!

I mean…still not a fan of exercise but anyone that can keep me at it for this long is the real deal!


Sonia is one of the most dedicated trainers you’ll ever work with …. authentic and a true professional. She takes a personal interest in your growth and strives to help in any way for you to achieve your goals … I’ve been under her watchful eye for fifteen years and was instrumental in guiding me through accelerated osteoporosis to a clean bill of health … Thanks, Sonia!!!


I used to go to the gym 4 times a week for 1 and a half hours. Now I work out with Sonia, 3 times a week for 30 minutes and I see way more results!


Sonia has been my personal trainer for over 20+ years.  Sonia is an amazing motivator who challenges and encourages me to always strive to reach my personal boundaries. She ensures my workouts are challenging and full of variety but fun at the same time but most importantly, she ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.

Sonia incorporates flexibility, strength, posture, balance, endurance along with promoting a healthy eating regime.  Sonia’s extensive knowledge has given me the tools I need to be successful in reaching my goals.